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Submission Rules

As we aim to showcase only the best and most innovative web design styles we have to have a strict screening process. So, before you submit your site , please read our submission rules below:

All sites must be an original design.

Sites that are modified versions of CMS themes will be disregarded instantly.

If your site is a direct copy of another it will not be published.

If the site is obviously a spam haven it will also be disregarded instantly (and we will also hunt you down!).

Auto-blogging sites will also be ignored.

If you feel your site now meets our criteria, by all means submit your site to us (using the form on the right side of this page). If your site has been approved we will send you a confirmation email.

Please note that not all site are guaranteed to be published.

Site Submission Form

If you have read the submission rules to the left and are confident your site will meet our publishing criteria, please send us your URL at: